Howdy, folks.  I’m Caroline, a recent college grad who studied history and film, and occasionally the history of film.

But that’s not important.

What is important is that I have seen a metric shit-ton of movies: famous and infamous alike, from cinematic masterpieces to  straight garbage. Does that make me special, or remotely qualified to comment on said movies? Not even a little bit. Will that stop me?

…Probably not.

At any rate, this is a place where I talk about the movies I’m watching or have watched, and add my two cents to the frothing whirlpool that is the internet. I tend to watch mostly horror and sci-fi (sorry mom) but I in no way constrain myself to those two genres.

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews, and thanks for stopping by! Any suggestions/comments/concerns/life advice?? are greatly appreciated. I’m not a professional, and any feedback is wonderful.